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Who we are

IT-Specialists for every occassion

Originally established to cater to the growing need for desktop and laptop repairs, our team of certified developers bring a wealth of expertise beyond hardware solutions. As a result, we have evolved our mission to offer high-performance IT solutions that are accessible to all.

Today, our core business revolves around providing comprehensive development services for a wide range of platforms. If you’d like to learn more about how we can assist you, we invite you to explore further.


What we do

Unveiling Our True Identity

At Engine-IT, we are more than just a group of individual freelance developers. We have come together under one unified brand to deliver the exceptional quality of service that our name embodies. With a relentless focus on attention to detail, our team ensures that each and every one of our products receives our undivided attention.

Whether you’re seeking a personal IT tune-up or exploring our diverse range of services, we are here to provide you with the utmost dedication and expertise. Get in touch with us today to experience the Engine-IT difference.

The steps

How we do it

A Step-by-Step Journey to Exceptional Results

At Engine-IT, we begin every project with meticulous research. This crucial phase lays the foundation for the entire endeavor. We prioritize building a sturdy base that allows for efficient extensions.

The second stage involves identifying and documenting the project’s requirements. We carefully capture the needs and conditions that must be met for successful execution. This phase is instrumental in ensuring project success.

The design stage is where we bring creativity and problem-solving skills to the forefront. We craft detailed specifications for the required modules, solving problems through innovative designs.

Also referred to as the building phase, this is where the magic happens. We meticulously create a meaningful piece of software or design, turning concepts into reality.

Prior to launch, we subject each project to rigorous testing. Our comprehensive testing methods allow us to identify and resolve any errors or defects, ensuring optimal performance and stability.

The final phase encompasses a series of activities that culminate in making the system or product available to the wider public. We ensure a smooth transition as the project reaches its completion.

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